Breeding is one of the main features in Metahorse. Breeding allow players to create unique NFT Horses for participation in the game or for collection. For Breeding, a Stallion and a Mare are required to produce an offspring NFT horse. Players can only be able to breed among Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, or Red NFT horses to produce a White or Grey NFT horse with a 50/50 chance. The Black, Brown, White, Grey horses and the NFT horses of the same colours will not be able to breed.
The offspring NFT horse will take 14 days to grow up. During this period these offspring NFT horses will not be allowed to participate in horse racing events, and owners will not be able to transfer or list them for trade. However, Players will be able to name the offspring NFT horse that will be written on the blockchain during the minting process and will remain the same forever.
After the birth of the new NFT Horse, the mother mare will enter the cool-down period. During this period the mare will not be able to breed and participate in any horse racing event. The cool-down period will increase according to the total breeding number.
The cooldown Periods are shown below:
Cooldown Period
48 Hours
96 Hours
192 Hours
384 Hours
Breeding will only affect the Horse Colours and Bloodlines of the offspring NFT horses. The rank and star levels will start from the initial stage.
To prevent the devaluation of other NFT horses in the ecosystem, Metahorse has established breeding limits. Only the Genesis mare NFTs from Public NFT sales will be able to breed 4 times. Second generation mare NFT will not be able to breed. Lastly, there will be only 30% of mares in the total Metahorse Public NFT horse sales to inhibit excessive reproduction.
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